10 Must-Have Features for a Sweet Shop E-Commerce Website

sweet shop website template

Must haves for sweet & bakery website templates for WordPress 


The world is going digital now and most businesses are going online as well. From shoe shops to sweet shops, every business is looking for increased exposure. But out of every 10 businesses that go online, only a handful of them actually know what they are doing. In this blog, we are going to explore the 10 must-have features for a sweet shop e-commerce website. 

They are usually small things but critical nonetheless. So, if you are searching sweet shop templates to build your perfect website and make it more customer friendly along with easy navigation, which can give best gist about your work, then we recommend that you inculcate the following features:

Customer Login, Online Ordering & Payment System

Right off the bat, the first thing you need for your sweet shop e-commerce website is space for your customers to call their own. Embedding a login feature can bring your business the following benefits:

  • Your shop will remain online 24×7 and will keep making you money, even when you’re asleep;
  • You will have a ready-made database with customer names, email IDs, phone numbers, etc. Really useful when you want to inform your customer base about exciting offers and discounts;
  • Customers can access their orders & Wishlist, which comes under a good UI experience;


Your clientele and the type of orders you serve

Just because someone’s a baker doesn’t mean they specialize in each and everything they bake. So, if you’re a baker or a sweet shop owner and you’re building your own website using a bakery website template, then you must feature the types of orders you serve.

For example, if you specialize in wedding catering orders, festival orders or bulk orders in general then you must highlight it on your website. This will help you in attracting the right kind of customer base.

bakery shop wordpress template

The specific area/locality you serve

Some cities, like Bangalore and Mumbai, are so massive in size that you can’t possibly serve all the localities at once. Someone living in corner A of the city won’t order a box of sweets from corner X.

If you don’t have the logistics to deliver orders to all corners of the city then you must specify the areas you serve on your website. Also, customers can order the sweets from their nearest shop to get the fast delivery by looking at  the nearest branch of your shop.

Latest deals and coupons

If you did the first point we mentioned, then this would be highly beneficial and easy for you. You can use your database, acquired upon account creation of users on your website, to send them deals, coupons and other updates.

For example, every time a user creates an account on your website, you can use the email ID to send them an offer of 10% off on their first order!

bakery shop website template

Filters for products

If your shop offers a wide variety of bakery goods or sweet items then you must feature a ‘filter’ option on your website. That way, your customers can find the exact type of sweet that they want.

Some filters for e-commerce sweet shop that makes User Interface (UI) more efficient:

  • Region based sweets: Bengali sweets, North Indian, etc.
  • Purpose based sweets: For gifting, for travel, bulk order, etc.
  • Taste based sweets: dry-fruit sweets, fruit-based, sugar-free sweets, etc.

A filter is a small thing on a website but just think how easier your online shopping becomes once you have filtered out products exactly to your needs.

Price List

Everyone’s budget runs differently. So, if your shop houses sweets of  every range and budget then upon building a website using one of the sweet shop templates, ensure to include a price list feature. Using this, your customers can easily view the sweets as per their budget.

This feature is as good as sticking a price card in front of all your displayed sweets in the shop.

High-quality visuals

Needless to say, if you are building an e-commerce website for a sweets shop, then investing in a bit of food photography is a must. Similar to traditional shopping, on a website too, no one can look at your products if you don’t show it to them. You can either:

  • Snap some high definition pictures of your products or,
  • Use stock photographs

If you’re using stock photography, remember that there must be no watermarks and it shouldn’t look obviously staged. Better to snap pics on your own though.

website template for sweet shop

Social media links

Social media is all the rage these days. To get in with the trend, you can open a business account of your sweet shop and post regular updates, deals and other engagement material.

Social media links give you credibility because customers generally trust those businesses more who have a website & active social media handles.

Customer Testimonials 

Asking for feedback from your customers goes a long way. You can later display their comments on your website which can help you gain consumer trust and help build credibility. Consumer testimonials are one of the most effective ways of gaining consumer confidence for your brand.

Contact information and address with GPS location finder

This is a basic section that must be included in every e-commerce website possible. Some users like to customize their orders or like to book a special order with instructions. With a contact information webpage, they can send you enquiries, suggestions, order details, etc.

sweet shop website template

Bonus tip: if you get asked a set of questions repeatedly, then you can embed an automated chat box widget into your website. This will take care of all the repeated questions and leave you genuine enquiries to sort through.

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Almost every business in the world has built their online presence using the power of websites and social media. As times change, the businesses must take the change in stride and strive towards achieving sustainable growth.

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