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Complete E-commerce, CRM and marketing automation solution for Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers.

Free Websites and Apps as per the plan you select.

Infusionsoft Certified Consultant in Australia

We are one of the leading digital agency located in Brisbane,with presence across many cities and countries around the world. We are Infusionsoft certified partner or ICP based in Brisbane, Australia. Though we are based here we are servicing other cities across Australia. If you are looking for Infusionsoft certified consultant in Perth,Sydney, Hobart, Melbourne or any other cities across the country, we can help you with complete strategy creation along with websites and mobile apps.

Why your Business needs CRM and Email Marketing Automation?

  • CRM and Email Marketing Automation is Must for Businesses nowadays as they need a proper system to handle the process flow as well as their databases and manage them by pulling together the data points related to Sales, Marketing, Leads, Payments, Customers, and many more.
  • Following the Traditional Marketing strategies, Businesses don’t grow as per the expectations as they need more Manpower, More time, Money and Resources which further leads to more of complexities and less of revenue.
  • To overcome such obstacles, one needs to use an Automated System and a CRM to manage everything easily and digitally. By using CRM, you can keep the track of each and every processes carried out, the leads rendering for your Business, the Sales and Marketing of products, daily updates and reminders of your relevant tasks for customers and nurturing them through your Sales and Marketing pipeline and many more which leads to ease and simplicity of business access.
  • E-mail Marketing is a boon for your Businesses, as it helps you to send hundreds of e-mail to your targeted audiences and customers with a single click, which will save your time and reduces complexities of sending mails to one after the other as per the customer’s inquiry.

What CRM you should select for your business?

CRM software offers various features to help your Businesses to efficiently manage customers and nearly every area of their operations. There are so many CRM softwares with different functionalities available, so it can be difficult for you to decide which CRM is suitable and effective for your business. To simplify this, here are some key features to be kept in mind while selecting a relevant CRM for your Businesses:

  • Your selected CRM should be easy to use which would save time and complexities of the user.
  • CRM should be customizable as per your Business needs, as it can also take the form of expanding capabilities using plugins, themes, templates and add-ons to fit the software to your business.
  • Make sure that the CRM software you choose is compatible with the apps you are already using. Double-check by consulting the Merchant’s website or by contacting customer support before purchasing it.
  • Choose a Cloud-based CRM so that you can get access to your CRM data anytime, anywhere from any device with an Internet connection. Avoid those that are described as "on-premise," which means you're forced to access data from the device or location in which the software is installed
  • Your CRM software should have strong security measures to prevent Cyber-attacks and data loss, as well as provide a means to access your data in the event of an outage or Cyber-attacks.
  • Your CRM should be Cost Effective i.e. you should get 100% return result on what you are investing.

Why Infusionsoft?

  • Infusionsoft has a very impressive Campaign Builder as it has the flowchart style in which building E-mails are more effective than any other CRM. Also it helps you to render thousands of mails to your customer with ease while you are busy with your other stuff.
  • Infusionsoft helps user to get and share their ideas from their Social Media to their private conferences and acts as a great community for all.
  • Infusionsoft have good E-mail Marketing process as compared to other Marketing Automation tools and have good rates too.
  • Infusionsoft have the best CRM than any other CRM softwares in terms of Leads, Marketing, and Sales etc.
  • Infusionsoft is a quick loading and stable platform for the user as it does not have any complexities in using it.
  • Infusionsoft provides a satisfactory customer service and support and is at affordable price for the customers.

Why Hire Tenacious Techies to implement Infusionsoft?

  • Tenacious Techies is one of the leading Entrepreneur Company and a Certified Consultantto provide Sales and Marketing strategies to all type of Businesses worldwide. Our team is obsessed with Digital Marketing and thus keeps themselves digitally updated always and provide the best possible Marketing strategies and solutions to the relevant merchants with technology.
  • Talking about Digital Marketing, We the Techies always follow the simultaneous Digital Marketing strategies and see to it that we fulfil the client’s requirement to the most and give them much more of what they have asked for and foster as much education as much we can.
  • Our team members helps clients to build their respective Marketing Campaigns for advertising to get the targeted audience and their leads which again deals with traffic on their website by providing Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategies and Marketing Automation tools.
  • We help our clients to reach their targeted audience with constant research and synchronized efforts to help them achieve their leads and revenues from them and also provide hands-on training to them to work with the Automation Tools and Softwares.
  • Also Tenacious Techies have presence worldwide and provides rewarding offers to the client as they get free value of software products as per the selection of CRM package.

Buy Free Website and Apps as per Package you Select For Infusionsoft

  • Kickstart Lite

    $ 1800 One Time Fee

    • You get to work with an Infusionsoft Expert with Professional as well as personal Training
    • Get best Marketing Strategies and Plans for your business from our Experts
    • 1 month of premium support
    • Hands-on Training and Planning for your Advertisement Campaignss
    • +

    Free E-Commerce Website $1800

    Front End Demo
  • Kickstart

    $ 2800 One Time Fee

    • If you have your own build-up Business Strategies and you need an Expert Guidance and Implementation to be carried out, than this is the best plan for your Business.
    • You need to select the priority results to get started
    • Our Experts will be than responsible for the implementation and you have to just wait for the Results
    • Contact us for Custom API’s and Integrations.
    • +

    Free E-Commerce Website + Android $2800

    Front End Demo
  • Kickstart Pro

    $ 4000 One Time Fee

    • You have your business plans and Strategies and want to implement it on your own or by you Employee, than this would be the best plan for your Business.
    • Our Infusionsoft Expert Employees will visit your place and will set up the software so that you would not face any obstacles in Future
    • Fully offload your implementation project to the experts.
    • Contact us for Custom API’s and Integrations.
    • +

    Free E-Commerce Website + Android + iPhone App $4000

    Front End Demo

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